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Therabis-Calm And Quiet

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Calm and Quiet-Help your best friend keep their cool.

Separation anxiety in dogs is remarkably common. So is the fear of thunder or fireworks.  We know just how distressing your dog’s anxiety can be. Which is why we’ve designed Calm and Quiet to help increase your dog’s beta wave production and decrease their stress. It’s formulated with L-theanine and whole-plant cannabinoids from hemp. So your furry family member can feel the benefits of cannabinoids, a naturally occurring constituent of hemp, and you can too.

The all-natural calming creation for your four-legged family members.

Bacon and Molasses flavored Calm and Quiet has been designed to be incorporated into your pet’s diet over the long-term; although some benefits are almost immediate(within twenty minutes). Daily use allows your pet to capitalize on the general health benefits of the core formulation as well as the products very specific ingredients.



Designed to promote overall health, the core of Therabis is comprised of a proprietary blend of cannabinoids, vitamins and minerals. It’s formulated with hemp powder, green-lipped mussel, vitamin C, chromium and CBD. These ingredients were all carefully chosen to create long-term, synergistic health effects for our favorite pups.


We’ve also added L-theanine to our Calm and Quiet formula, because it’s shown to increase alpha wave generation and lower anxiety in small-scale human studies. Participants in these studies felt more at ease and reported benefits to sleep quality.


Chromium is a chemical element that’s found in trace amounts in all mammals. It works with vitamin C and hemp powder to help to potentiate the combination’s soothing capabilities. Though its actual mechanism is still gaining popularity, chromium is an essential ingredient in this formulation due to its anti-anxiety properties.  


Directions for use:  Sprinkle 1 full sachet onto dog’s food once daily

There is no THC in Therabis products.  Dogs that weigh over 120 lbs should be given two large pouches.


CAUTION: FOR PET USE ONLY. NOT FOR HUMAN USE. Keep out of the reach of children and pets to avoid unintended consumption. Use with care and follow instructions closely. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately. If your pet is ill or has a condition that does not improve, seek veterinary care. Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. Supplement is best not taken on an empty stomach. This product has molasses, so may not be right for diabetic pets. 

WARNING: Contains green lipped mussel, a shellfish.  If your dog has a shellfish allergy do not use this product.



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