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Therabis by Dixie Brands

Introducing Therabis;  Creating CBD pet care, because we know how much you care.

Benefit-targeted cannabinoid products for your dog; hemp-based remedies that are fast acting and long lasting! 

We offer easy-to-use daily supplements for your pets in three specific formulations; Stop the Itch, Calm and Quiet and Up and Moving, all powered by our proprietary cannabinoid blend.

Developed by veterinarian Stephen Katz, Therabis is the all-natural solution for your dog’s ailments that’s formulated with cannabinoids a naturally occurring constituent of hemp. Available in easy-to-administer sachets for scratching and skin issues, anxiety, and joint mobility. 

 Cannabinoids have garnered recognition for their therapeutic effects.  Our premium, proprietary, cannabinoid formula was developed to support total-body wellness.  So you can look forward to their calm demeanor being restored, their mobility being retained, and their skin being soothed.   We understand how important your pet’s health is, and we work tirelessly to maintain it.

Therabis-reliable relief delivered through natural ingredients!



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