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“Going natural” is a hot trend to follow these days. But believe it or not, pets can benefit from some of the same all-natural supplements as humans do. All-natural CBD oil for dogs is one of the latest methods pet owners just like you, are using to help their pooch.

Hemp Health’s cannabidiol for pets is derived from hemp, which although is a member of the cannabis plant contains only trace amounts (less than 1%). Most of our products contain much, much less than 1% of the psychoactive properties commonly associated with cannabis. Instead, our CBD oil for pets contains compounds that interact naturally with your dog’s immune and nervous systems.

“Going natural” means using a treatment that is non-GMO and has no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. You wouldn’t want those in your supplements, so why would you want them for your dog?  Treat him the way he deserves by going natural!
We’re just beginning to see the great benefits of hemp oil for dogs. But we all know how resistant dogs can be towards traditional medication. That’s why hemp oil for pets comes in a number of convenient methods:
CBD Oral Spray
CBD Capsules
CBD Dog Biscuits

You can easily slip CBD capsules into your dog’s morning meal.  If your dog is a finicky eater, you might want to go with oral spray instead of capsules. Easy to administer, just place directly into your dog’s mouth or add to his daily food portion.   It even comes in original, peppermint and vanilla flavors, so he can get the benefits of CBD and have fresh smelling breath too!   If you don't like those options, "treat" him to a bacon flavored CBD biscuit!



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